I am a storyteller.


This means exactly what you think it means.


There is always a story to be told and it is my passion to document yours in photographs. How I approach your day is just how a guest with a camera would approach your day. I look for the perfect moment and freeze it forever. Here is what I mean...


Without ego or accolades in mind I shoot from the heart. My couples do not want a photoshoot on the day of their wedding. They want to live through their day. This is why every time I press the shutter on my camera it will be because there is life unfolding in front of me.


I photograph unaltered real to life moments. 

So, what does this mean for your formal photos? I believe formals are essential in every wedding. However, formals can become a chore for a couple on their wedding day. What I found that works for my couples is narrowing it down to around 5 groups all together. This allows you to get a personal photo with those closest to you without disrupting your the organic flow of your wedding celebration. 


I hope this gives a little insight as to what I do and the style that many other brides and grooms have fallen in love with.


Now that you have a better understanding about my style you may want to look over the brides and grooms page one more time and see things you may not have seen before.