Short Story #115

The gentleman's gesture.

This was a kiss right out of a movie. It was not staged. This kiss was an emotional response and it made for a wonderful picture. The man wept while his bride was escorted down the aisle. There was nothing more romantic that man could have done at that point than to softly take her hand and gently press his lips to it. 

Elements of this story.

All smiles: There are five smiles in all. Actually six including yours. Smiles reflect the moment that is unfolding. When you see a smile, in this case many, you can't help but to feel the emotion as if you where actually there.

Taking of the hand: The way he takes his brides hand is the way you would imagine a romantic doing so. Following the gentle touch by a even softer kiss gives the sense of fragility, only this moment could not be broken.

Feel what you can't see: Can you see the brides grin? Can you feel the emotion on her face? Absolutely. Sometimes you do not actually need to have a clear view of someone's face to know what they are feeling. You take in all of what the scene is giving you and make your own determination of what emotion would be present. How could you not smile during a moment like this?

Thank you so much for taking the time to open yourself up to this short story. As always, it is my intention to help show others there is so much more to just liking a photo. It's important that we find pieces of ourselves in others photographs. 


Jordan Ruiz

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