Short Story #114

All hands on dress.

A mothers hands, a sisters hands and a daughters dress. When photographing a wedding you have to keep moving. You don't have the time to stop and see what you have. This was one of those photos where I had no idea what I really had until I began editing. I knew I had a photograph of the brides mother and sister assisting her, I just hadn't thought about the significance of the generations. 

Elements of this story.

So many hands: Generally there is one set of hands performing this task. In this case there were two equally important family members assisting with the dress. The photo wouldn't have been the same had the frame not been filled with hands.

Contrasting hands: The two sets of hands vary greatly. Clearly the hands on top have had more use but are equally as delicate as the others. The pinky is a dead giveaway. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to open yourself up to this short story. As always, it is my intention to help show others there is so much more to just liking a photo. It's important that we find pieces of ourselves in others photographs. 


Jordan Ruiz

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