Short Story #112


Too cool for school.

There's nothing as cool as a cool guy. When it comes down to it, it doesn't take much more than a tuxedo and a fresh haircut to make a man feel invincible. Pair this with an entourage of his friends and family and he is now superman. The right guy in the right moment with the right light and you have a picture.

Elements of this photo.

Facial expression: Each have their own facial expressions. What gives this photo an extra element of interest is that the grooms face is the dominant one.

The guys: Each guy plays a supporting role to the groom. They file up behind and the focus seems to diminish the further away they are.

The light: The light is essential. The light in this hallway was extremely dim. Knowing this you have to plant yourself in a particular spot and wait for the group to be illuminated by the window light as they pass by it.

Odd man out: Not only do the groomsmen that trail behind support the leader, but the one in the foreground awaiting his arrival strengthens the grooms power and validates who the focus should be on.

Thank you so much for taking the time to open yourself up to this short story. As always, it is my intention to help show others there is so much more to just liking a photo. Its important that we find pieces of ourselves in others photographs. 


Jordan Ruiz

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