Short Story #111

The flower girls.

Not a care in the world. Thats how you live as a child. No matter where you live or what your situation is you spend more time living in the moment than you do worrying about the future. Flower girls are one of my favorite parts of a wedding. In the beginning they are a little shy and tend to keep their distance but after a few hours of studying you they begin to open up. I never leave a wedding without a great photograph of an amazing moment involving them. 

Elements of this story

The hands: I love the delicacy and softness of the hands of both of these girls. The gentle way they are holding the baskets and equally soft clutch they have on the peddles are untrainable. 

Body language: The body language of the flower girl on the left provides an insight to the honesty of a child. With barriers down they laugh with their entire body. 

Contrast: I love the contrast in personalities between both of these flower girls. The outgoing child on the left and the shy on the right help bring out each others uniqueness in an amazing way. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to open yourself up to this short story. As always, it is my intention to help show others there is so much more to just liking a photo. Its important that we find pieces of ourselves in others photographs. 


Jordan Ruiz

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