Short Story #106

I am often asked "Was there wine in that glass". The truth is I have no idea. I never heard her burp, or seen her hang on anyone, or scream the words to a journey song during the late night reception so I am guessing no.

Everything worked out just right. The bride needed to make last minute adjustments with the help of her bridesmaids and mother in law forcing all eyes on her. A thirsty child and distracted group of women turned out to be the perfect recipe for a wonderful photojournalistic moment. 

The elements of this story

The drinking girl: A child drinking from a wine glass while everyones back is turned. Not much more to say about that. 

The grip on the glass: It gives a sense of childlike honesty. It resonates with us because its what we all did at a time in our lives before we began to develop the strength, coordination and confidence to hold breakable objects in a delicate way. 

The clutter: It shows the chaos of what its really like in these situations. A woman in a hurry can wreck a room in 30 seconds or less.

Facial expressions: The brides and bridesmaids facial expressions leaves us the viewers to determine what exactly they are thinking. I prefer this as opposed to emotionless expressions that can leave nothing to the imagination.

Thank you so much for taking the time to open yourself up to this short story. As always, it is my intention to help show others there is so much more to just liking a photo. Its important that we find pieces of ourselves in others photographs. 


Jordan Ruiz

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